Standard HUBStands

Standard HUBStands were created for the amateur racer and track enthusiast who want to do their own precision track alignments and set ups. Standard HUBStands have a fixed base with a suspension compliant proprietary neoprene/PTF slider that allows the HUBStands to move with the cars suspension. They come complete with multi-pattern interchangeable hub plates…

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ProHUBStands brand hub stands and alignment equipment on a Porsche GT 3 Cup

Pro HUBStands

Pro HUBStands brand of hub stands were developed for professional racers and teams who require fast, precise, accurate and repeatable set ups; all done completely wheels free right at the hubs. ProHUBStands have a base with roller bearing steel wheels that allow precise suspension compliance. They are extremely durable and will stand up to regular use in the shop and at the track… More Info

ProPLUS HUBStands brand hub stands on a customer race car


Developed with race winning professional teams in the IMSA and SRO series, ProPLUS HUBStands brand of hub stands have Omni-Directional Roller Ball Bases that are adjustable for Wheel Offsets, Scrub Radius and Exact Tire Heights. They are fully suspension compliant and adjustable for precise fits on individual race cars. ProPLUS HUBStands brand of hub stands allows for the most precise, accurate and repeatable set ups possible on any race or track car. All HUBStands brand hub stands come with interchangeable hub plates, all with multiple bolt patterns to fit practically any 4, 5 or 6 lug hubs including center lock cars…

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Made in the USA

HUBStands are made in the USA, in an AS9100 facility (aerospace certified); precision machined from 6061 aluminum and available to fit almost any race car, from GTLM’s to open wheel racers. They come complete as a set of four with stainless Toe Sticks and a choices of interchangeable multi-pattern Hub Plates.