BG Racing Pro Camber Gauge set


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A pair of B-G Racing Rechargeable, Dual Axis Magnetic Camber Gauges, accurate to +- 0.02 degrees, complete with chargers and magnetic HUBStands mounting brackets:

The BG Racing Digital Dual Axis Rechargeable Camber Gauges can measure relative angles to within +-0.02°. These extremely accurate gauges come as a matched and calibrated Left and Right pair with mounting brackets that let them magnetically attach to the hub centerline on HUBStands. Used in pairs on HUBStands, one for each side of the car, the BG Racing Digital Camber Gauges allow you to set camber, caster and toe simultaneously on both sides of the car. The gauges have a large backlit screen, and the set comes complete with chargers and HUBStands mounting brackets.

A B&G Racing Aluminum Frame with a magnetic gauge mount for camber measurement on wheels/tires is available at $159.95. BG Racing Camber gauges can also be ordered individually ($169.95), multiple magnetic sides and are rechargeable. They are available in packages with magnetic mounts specifically designed for use with ProHUBStands.

The B-G Racing Aluminum Camber Frame is produced from aluminum with a durable black powder coated finish, offering quick and simple camber measurement for both left and right handed users on vehicles with wheel rim sizes up to 20” diameter. Designed to work perfectly with the B-G Racing Digital Dual Axis Angle Gauge (BGR304). High quality aluminum frame

  • Simple one handed operation
  • Suitable for left & right handed use
  • Easy adjustment to suit wheel diameters up to 20”