ProPLUS HUBStands have omni directional roller ball bases, can be adjusted for wheel offsets and scrub radius as well as exact tire heights and ride heights.

All HUBStands brand hub stands come with a set of 4 multi-pattern hub attaching plates. Select the Plate that fits your car’s hub specification.

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Developed with professional race teams in the IMSA and the SRO series, ProPLUS HUBStands brand of hub stands have Omni-Directional Roller Ball Bases. They are adjustable for both Wheel Offsets and Scrub Radius; Wheel Sizes and ride heights.  With ProPLUS HUBStands, you can get the most precise, accurate and repeatable set ups possible on any race or track car.

Pro PLUS HUBStands come complete as a set of 4; with exact height and scrub radius /offset adjustable roller ball bases, (4) interchangeable, multi-pattern Pro Hub Plates (4) stainless Toe Sticks, stub extensions and (4) Acrylic/Composite Anti-Roll off Safety Plates.

The proprietary high impact resistant steel roller ball bases on our hub stands are uniquely adjustable for scrub radius and wheel offsets  from 0mm to 90mm. This set back adjustability provides suspension compliance at the precise contact patch load center. Our ProPLUS branded hub stands have interchangeable multi-pattern Hub Plates that are infinitely height adjustable to precisely match tire sizes from 21.25” to 29.5” and with fits for practically any 4, 5 or 6 lug hubs including center locks.

On PRO PLUS HUBStands you will maintain repeatable measurement tolerances for camber to within 0.01 degrees, Toe within 0.1 minute and height to within 0.01mm. On a set of Pro PLUS brand hub stands, everything can be set directly at each hub; you take the wheels off once and eliminate all the inherent tire variances and all the pushing, rolling and wheel wrestling.

Full professional alignment packages with HUBStands brand hub stands, Intercomp scales, pad levelers, digital camber gauges and string sets are available for practically any race car. All HUBStands brand hub stands are designed, engineered, and made in the USA.

HUBStands Alignment System Components

Camber Gauges
String Kit
Scales & Levelers

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